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Take a look at a running Build Monitor which is configured to display Travis CI builds of some public repositories.

The Live-Demo will always be up-to-date cause it's automatically deployed when the GitHub repository is updated.

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Facts & Features

It's already good, but it will get awesome!

This is the actual state of the node-build-monitor project:

  • It's OpenSource and Cross-Platform!
  • Server is running with Node.js & Client is running with Knockout.js
  • Communication via
  • Responsive design
  • Support for multiple build services (see below)
  • Theming support
  • Alarm sound when a build fails
  • Browser notifications
  • One common UI for all your builds
  • Simple deployment of node-build-monitor with Docker (just two commands)
  • Client refreshs itself automatically, when the server version is updated
  • Use your Raspberry Pi to display the builds

Some ideas for the future are:

Check out more information in the README.

Supported services

The major build services are already supported.

Currently the Build Monitor has support for the following services. You can mix them as you like and the Build Monitor will automatically display just your latest ones.

Travis CI
Team Foundation Server
Azure DevOps Services/Server
Circle CI

Some services are still in preview and not fully tested. If there occur some problems just fix the bug and make a pull request or create an issue.